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PHLEBOTOMY Courses Training Program (Venepuncture)

"We are professionals, senior and experienced NHS phlebotomist training specialist laboratory manager who have a great doctor to give you the passion in improving teaching and improve levels of phlebotomy in the UK."

Now today will give the opportunity to perform live training Bloods and take a qualification Certificate of Competence from us and our partners in the NHS ..

We have combined our expertise to offer Phlebotomy Courses Training Program that is second to none. To ensure maximum benefit of our courses, we have been pioneers in an e-course, you can register for free online today.

To get a certificate of competency, we run the course in two parts.

Part I is our always popular theory & Dry Lab experience where our expert speakers will cover all the essential knowledge in phlebotomy. You will have the opportunity to practice taking blood in the arms and training mannequins.

Part 2 of the course is our unique live experience Bloods where he will be personally supervised by our coaches NHS NHS at a facility in performing venipuncture in real patients. With success in both Parts I and II, it will be awarded aCertificate competition, which is an essential for employment as a trained phlebotomist requirement.

Dr. S. A. Cheema (Registrar)

Kay Griffiths (Principal)


our Phlebotomist courses is a person offer full accreditation who holding this medical process. A person who acquires the training becomes a professional Phlebotomy Training and then he is able to work in hospitals and laboratories.Kindly see pictures from one of our courses at our London location.


It is important to gather some knowledge about the patient before the incision of the vein. Like if a blood thinner be taken for any patient, then it will make the blood flow faster additionally precautions should be taken by the phelobotomist. adhisives band or latex allergy can cause fragile skin, paper tapes are used instead.


Sense of touch, rather than relying on a place of eyes. Sometimes it is difficult to find veins patients.For this should be practiced locate veins without looking and also wear hand gloves. There are certain tricks to find a vein of the patient how to use the inflated cuff to replace the standard turnstile. If this is not possible, prepare warm compress and make the patient shake his / her hand to the side. Vein can also be located with heat or rubbing or gentle tapping. However it is not appropriate to make the patient pump the fist to locate the vein as it can make the lab results inaccurate.


The size of the needle and blood collection tube to be of a suitable size. For example, the vein may burst if the needle is 23 gauge with 10 ml tube used.Its is unprofessional and painful for the patient, to fish around the veins .Try again and replace the needle if the vein is missed.
Always use a fresh needle, if the attempt fails, or can lead to infection. Be calm and confident. Do not rush, as it will make you make more mistakes. The tow may hemolize blood, and can lead to damage to the patients skin if left for more than one minute.

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