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Phlebotomy Course

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Phlebotomy Training Course

For the Job as a Phlebotomist you must be a competent and have a certificate of competence in phlebotomy. You must meet 18 NHS Competencies for the phlebotomist. Maxis Healthcare is the only place where you are offered a proper training on live blood sessions which leads to the CERTIFICATE OF COMPETENCE once you complete your training. Maxis Healthcare does not believe only theoretical slide based phlebotomy training. You must have to have the human touch in real life scenario and that is what you will be doing with Maxis Healthcare’s Training. You will be valued regardless your educational background.

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Dear Doctor Cheema,
This is Dupe Joseph. I have completed my phlebotomy practical experience at sunrise medical centre. I am very happy and grateful for everything.
I would like to come and collect my certificate as soon as possible. Please doctor cheema I am really desperate for a job.
Please let me know when to come for the collections.

Best Regards,
Dupe Joseph

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WelCome To Phlebotomy Training Tips

Phlebotomist is a person  who performs this medical process. A person who acquires the training becomes a professional Phlebotomy Training and then he is able to work in hospitals and laboratories.


It is important to gather certain knowledge about the patient before the incision of vein. Like if any blood thinners is being taken by any patient then it will cause the flow of blood faster so extra precautions must be taken by the phelobotomist. Band adhisives or latex can cause allergic to fragile skin so paper tapes are used instead.


Sense of touch to be developed rather than relying on the eye site. At times it is difficult to locate the veins of the patients.For this one should practice locating the vein without looking and by also wearing hand gloves. There are certain tricks to locate the vein of the patient like use an inflated blood pressure cuff to replace the standard tourniquet . If this fails, prepare a warm compress and make the patient dangle his/her arm at the side. Vein can also be located with heat or rubbing or gentle tapping. However it is not appropriate to make the patient pump the fist to locate the vein as it can make the lab results inaccurate.


The size of the needle and blood collecting tube to be of appropriate size. For example a vein can blow out if a needle of 23 gauge with 10ml tube is used.Its is an unprofessional as well as painful for the patient to fish around for the vein .Try again and replace the needle if the vein is missed.
Always use a fresh needle if an attempt fails or else may lead to infection.
Be calm and confident. Do not rush as it will make you make more mistakes.
Tourniquet can hemolize the blood and can also damage the patients skin if left for more than one minute.
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